Campaign Against child hunger

Join hands to Stop Child Hunger

A child dies every 5-second because of hunger. Every year more than 10million children dies due to hunger and preventable diseases and it is estimated that 30,000 per days according to the report of UNICEF and World food organisation.47% of the Indian Children below the age of three years are malnourished which is more than the sub-Saharan Africa In orissa malnourished children are 54.4%. Orissa have high infant mortality rate of percent. The greatest promise to reduce the extreme poverty and hunger by 2015 targeted in the Millennium development Goal is still a distant dream. At the current rate of progress the MDG to halve child hunger till 2015 will not be reached till 2025 according to the report “progress for children.”

The death of 11 children in jharigaon Block of Nawarangpur district in 2004, in Mayurvanj, in kalahandi, Bolangir, Koraput (KBK) and in various part of the south-west Orissa due to mal nourishment the campaign emerged as a local response. Various study and ground experience also reported widespread child hunger in the region. It has also substantiated by the report of food rights commission and NHRC in various time. The Campaign worried that real fact is suppressed rather than bringing to the solution. The campaign further believes that handing out food only can not solve the problem but it needs a collective action with different strategies.

Red card campaign to child labour

Join in the Campaign and raise a red card against child labour.

More than 12million children are working in different sectors and occupation in India. In Orissa there numbers are more than 30lakhs roughly.Inspite of Government notification to ban employment of child labour to certain sector like in Hotel, motel, dhaba, roadside eateries, domestic help and entrainment purpose from 2006 there is no remarkable progress and still children are working in distress. Red Card campaign emerged to make accountable to the employers and Civil society as whole against child labour.

Why Red card

In 2002 ILO decided to use the symbol of the red card to raise awareness in preventing, challenging and eliminating child labor through advocacy campaign. Red card used in football game to the player who plays wrong. Youth Service Center follows the strategy from 2008 where thousands children and activists in various major town came to the road in raising red card against child labour.Red card campaign is a symbolic protest against child labor as a remainder to the employers and civil society further.