Youth Service centre as a centre for Child Rights

From the inception Youth service Center began to work with the children. Within this period it emerges as a child Rights focused organization. To promote and protect the child hood of the children, we parternering to various global and local initiative of Child rights movement. We visualize a child friendly Society where every child must enjoy their rights to child hood. We look further to ensure the survival, development, protection, and participation rights of every child.

We want to join our hands together to evolve a caring and Rights-protected society involving Children and their families in making decisions and finding solution.

There are several issues that adversely affect children and making them vulnerable. Youth Service Centers work are basically on these thematic area of issues affecting children like child labour,Child Hunger, children out of school , Migrant children, Children in disaster, children with HIV/AIDS and Children with disabilities.

Working on Right to education

We basically work with community, village education committee, parants, Teachers and with children to ensure the education of the children. Functioning of village school and delivery quality education is the major area of our concern. We further work to promote child friendly school with Community based management. There fore a village level campaign “Our Village Our School” initiated where community participation and ownership to school functioning and management are the key components.

Working with Migrant children

More than two lakhs children migrate from Bolangir to out of the state and inside the state also. Many are with the families and many are also single migrant. These children are migrating basically to the brick kiln site of Andhra Pradesh and to the Costal Part of Orissa.They push out from school and join as a child labour.They are out from the integrated Child development scheme,mid day meals programme,and all the child rights are a distant dream to them. Many story of torture, abuse, violence are reported from the work site. They are trafficked and sale for labour.

Youth service center working to sensityse these children about their Rights. Collaborating with Sarvasikhya Avijan (Govt education programme) to stay back in villages and continuing education.Counselling and motivating for back to school. We are also working for the rescue and rehabilitation of the migrant and bonded children.

Children with disability

Youth service center working for the accessibility of school education for the children with disabilities. We advocates for the Rights to education of all the children with disabilities which is inclusive not alternate. All the village school must be accessible and the teachers must be trained to teach these children. We further working to popularize game and fun for the children with disability.

Child participation

Child participation is the main focus of youth service center. We believe children have the capacities and potentialities to change their own situation. They can play a protagonist role if they will give scope, opportunity, Information, and empower them. We formed Balsansad, Bal-Panchayat, and Children’s Committee in school and facilitate to assert their rights.

Action against Drought and Poverty

Drought in Bolangir is nothing new and it has a long history. Within 100 years the district faced 25 times drought. Drought year in Bolangir are 1934-35,1935-36,1938-39,1954-55,1965-65 in past and within the decade was in the year 1900,1996,2000,and 2003.We understand that drought in Bolangir is not only natural but man-made. The vulnerability in drought is further more man made. More than 80 percent of people are below poverty line.

Poverty in Bolangir is closely link with continuous drought and unequal distribution of resources. Poor families are experiencing multiple deprivations and they are in hunger, undrenutrition, lack of access to safe drinking water, no basic health services, physically in secure, and are the excluded and discriminatory community. Children are likely to inherit their poverty and they can not go to school as forced to work. Government and international agency trying towards poverty reduction and the progress is slow.Millenium development goals also targeted to reduce poverty half within 2015.With this background Youth service centre working with community to escape from the poverty trap through community based mobilization and right based approach.

Youth Service Centre working in 3 Gram panchayat organizing poor people to form their organisation. Lok Adhikar Sangatahan a platform of poor people emerged in the process. Participatory poverty analysis and well being ranking is the strategy to make priority poorest of the poor people in villages. Micro level planning developed in the villages and targeted the poorest of the poors. Efforts have taken to link the most poorest of the poor people and their families with different anti poverty scheme.. Capacity building process to assert their rights and community monitoring system is the key strategy further. Youth Service Centre believes on People centred development where people involved in planning, decision making and executing programme.we learn that informed public investment is key to reduce poverty and an enabling environment can be created when people and local authorities can work together. People reflect their issue. Identify their problem; build strategy to resolve it and a process of action and reflection. Lok Jojana which is the peoples plan execute in 23 villages.

Community based watershed programme

Bolangir is with the continuous drought and the rainfall is coming down to more than 60percent within this decade. There is a clear departure of rainfall from 1440mm to within 700mm.The rainfall is erratic and ab-normal.Even the standing crop lost due to a single day rainfall. In other hand more than 1laks cubic meter water in rainy days flows out in the rivers and streams. There is no water harvesting system and strategy to recharge ground water. There fore Youth service center adopted a watershed approach to the land and water management with community.

Three years of regeneration activities as farm bonding, stone outlays, counter trench, water absorption trench, gully plugging, renovation of water tank, tree plantation and linking with sustainable agriculture with efficient water and land management has an greater impact on the livelihood of poor farmers and landless. Watershed development committee taking up the ownership and working for the sustainability of the project by ban of free grazing, ban of tree cutting and deforestation, and maintaining to the structures.

Disaster mitigation

Odisha is the land of disaster. Frequent drought, flood, cyclone, tornado are breaking the backbone of the people. Youth service center work with community to prepare disaster mitigation Plan, undertake relief and rehabilitation at the time of emergency, capacity building training to cope with disaster.

Working with Disabled peoples

Youth service center formed disabled Peoples forum and working on disability and poverty reduction as a Community based rehabilitation approach. Disabled families are identified to link with different government programme and scheme .The organisation also focused its work on disaster risk reduction in various disaster prone districts. Disabled Children with disability are another important groups who with us working for. Barrier free school and child to child sensitysation programme undertaken in almost 100 schools in project villages. The organisation collaborated in preparing the alternative report to UN convention on Rights of the children India process. Youth are trained on human rights approach and oriented to different law on disability. The organization also sensitizes and builds capacity on united nation convention to the rights of the person with disabled people. Promoting sports and game is another area of Youth service center.