What We Do

In Odisha we are working with the children who are living with acute poverty and hunger, vulnerable in forced migration and displacement. We further work with the children and families living with HIV/AIDs, Person with Disability including children, and families affected in disaster and emergency situation.

Children are affected very much on family poverty. In other way increase of family income reduce vulnerability of children also. We define poverty is the inaccessibility to resources and control over it. Poverty is not only deprivation but denial of rights. We have strong believes that Poverty can be eradicated and peoples can overcome from the galloping poverty. The empowerment and capacity building process will enable children, their family, and community as a whole to fight poverty, deprivation and oppression further. It will enable people to bargain their Rights and entitlement. Our strategy is to build poor peoples’ organization and empowering them to attack on the causes of mass poverty and marginalization. Good governance on child Rights perspectives can leads a protective, just and Peaceful society for the children.

Our works are basically on field action programme, Civil Society networking and collective action, Campaign and advocacy for pro-people policy. We always look development impact on children.