The Inception

The Background

Youth Service Center came in to inception in 1990.The organization formed with the inspiration from Gandhian thought and philosophy. The founder had an opportunity to work as a senior fellow by the Gandhi peace center and exposed to various Gandhian institutions and their work. Gandhi believes youth are the agents of Social transformation. He understood the dynamics of social change and able to execute the youth power in the independence movement. The Ideology of Gandhi and his dream of rural India was the strong motivation to form this organization.

Youth Service Center believes that, if one or two motivated youth will come forward from each and every village they can play a significant role in rural reconstruction. Youth can work as a development catalyst and revolutionary change agent to fight poverty, injustice, and oppression of rural poor and marginalized. This begins from child hood. A protected and enjoyable child hood leads to a motivated and inspired youth. There fore youth service center focus on children from the beginning, who are not only the present but also future.

As a local response

Western Orissa was in the grip of mass poverty, continuous drought leads to hunger, forced migration, indebtedness, land alienation and widespread illiteracy. To response the situation there were very few local voluntary organizations in the area. But in many villages there were youth clubs and pathagar who generally engaged in sports and library activities. Youth service center felt the needs to bring these youth Clubs to one platform and infusing issue based development activities in to their operation. The initiative to form Bolangir Action Group and which emerge as District action groups of various CBOs at that time. Youth service center begins its collective action from this experience and now able to lead many issue based Networking with NGOs and Campaign.

Establishing Identity and moving ahead

Within this period the organization emerge one of the credible and leading organization in the state. The organization recognized by Government and non-government agency and involved in many committees, network, Campaign and Collective action in the district and state.